BlackUSA History

A march to protest at the intimidation which prevented blacks from voting in Dallas County, Alabama. Selma, a city of 29,000, had 15,000 blacks of voting age, of whom only 355 were registered to vote. Martin Luther king chose Selma as he thought whites would resist violently and that this (through television) would draw attention […]

Sheridan Broadcasting Corp. Sheridan Broadcasting Corp.

Birmingham Church Bombing Klu Klux Klan member convicted

National Negro Business League National Negro Business league

Kelly Miller First African American to study graduate mathematics at Johns Hopkins

(July 1, 1945 – June 9, 2009) Philemon Timothy Reid was an African American Artist and recipient of a 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from North Portland’s Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. Reid’s love for blues and jazz, particularly musicians John Coltrane, Miles Davis and singers Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Wilson, was reflected in his colorful paintings […]

Voting Right Bill Voting Right Bill signed by president Lyndon Jonhson

Atlanta Life Insurance Co Atlanta Life Insurance Co

Congressional Blake Caucus .

Philip Emeagwali A Father of the Internet

Atlanta University Atlanta University

Wilcie Elfe The earliest known black pharmacist

Sojourner Truth Abolitionist, women's rights activist and preacher

Negro History Week Negro History Week initiated by Carter G Woodson

Zora Neale Hurston Anthropoligist, Writer