BlackUSA History

Claude McKay Novelist and Poet

First Pan-African Congress Paris, France

Charles Edward Anderson First known African American Ph.D. in Meteorology

William Alexander Scott II Publisher of the first sucessful black daily newspaper.

Lena Horne Singer, Actor

William Tucker 1st Black child born in U.S.

National Council of Negro women National Council of Negro women

Bethune-Cookman College Bethune-Cookman College opened in Daytona Beach FL.

Segregation in buses and terminals banned by Interstate Commerce Commission

Percy Lavon Julian, Doctor Scientist, Medical Researcher

Martin R. Delany U.S. Black Abolitionist, Physician, and Editor

Fannie Lou Hamer Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement

Robert Tanner Freeman First African American to receive a dental degree in the United Stat

Janet Collins Janet Collins, ballerina, frist black dancer to appear with the Metropolian

JH Hunter JH Hunter patented the portable weighing scales