Dimensions: 6.5″hx10.125″wx6.25″d

This is the artwork of African American artist Philemon Reid of Vancouver Washington
Price: $700.00

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BlackUSA History

Thurgood Marshall First black on the Supreme Court

13th Amendment Congress passed 13th Amendment

Frank Robinson Frank Robinson became the first black major league baseball manager

Leontyne Price World renowned soprano, born 1927

In 1861, Victoria Matthews was born. She was an African-American educator, writer, and rac

Homer A Plessy Refused to move to segregated railroad coach

Mary Church Terrell Mary Church Terrell, civil rights activist

Julian Bond U.S. legislator and black civil-rights leader

Roy Wilkins Roy Wilkins, 2nd Executive Director

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Poet

Edith Sampson Edith Sampson, first black female US delegate to the United Nations

From 1932 to 1972, 399 poor black sharecroppers in Macon County, Alabama were denied treat

Despite being born a slave on May 16, 1855, Major Richard Robert Wright, Sr. was a post-re

Granville T. Woods The Black Edison

NC Mutual Life Insurance Company NC Mutual Life Insurance Company