The Akbar's Trio

Image size: 4 1/2″x5 15/16″
Paper size: 9 7/8″x13 7/8″

This is the artwork of African American artist Philemon Reid of Vancouver Washington
This is a Limited Edition Print in an edition of 50 at $200.00 each unframed(Signed and numbered)

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BlackUSA History

John James Neimore Publisher

Annie Onieta Plummer The Dictionary Lady

Jonh Brown Abolitionist

Liberia Established Freed American slaves established country of Liberia

Briton Hammon First African American prose writer of note

Matthias de Sousa Adventurer

Andrew Young Named Ambassadoe and Chief US Delegate

Milla Granson Helped make it possible for slaves to teach other slaves.

Roland Burris, a longtime Illinois state official, was named to succeed former Senator and

Gus Savage ascended to Congress as an outsider to elective politics. A veteran civil right

The first African-American woman Senator, Carol Moseley-Braun was also only the second bla

Ralph Metcalfe achieved worldwide fame as an Olympic athlete years before he became involv

Harold Washington First African-American mayor of Chicago

Representative, 1973-1997, Democrat from Illinois. Elected to 12 consecutive terms in the

John R Lynch Congressman John R Lynch presided over the Republican